Our investment in technology means

your costume is a true investment.



We are potentially unique to the industry because we can offer a full 3D process - managed in house! We have invested in a state of the art software which allows our designers to create visuals in 3D. This means that if you have a vision of your costume from the front view only, before we go into production we can explore what it looks like from all angles - not just front, side and back but three quarter view, from the top - anything! These are also drawn to scale so we can explore the practicality of all dimensions before heading into production.




This is just an example of the kind of artwork that we can produce:



This provides our clients with the security that we are working to a shared brief and provides amazing results like these mascots here that have been all over the world!







When a costume head (or any generic shape) needs to be recognisable, we have the ability to receive 3D graphic images/ provide 3D graphic images and then physically print the element of the costume that we need to be extra careful with! We worked recently with Eddie Stobart on this basis when bringing their Eddie character to  life for various events over the Summer months.



This allows our team to make patterns from the "print" which can be increased in scale and used to machine cut materials . This ensures that the head shape and form is as close to the originating artwork as possible.


And here's Eddie - with some BIG hair and his mouth open for additional visibility, of course!






A router is our version of a robot! We feed it patterns and it provides us with digitally cut materials for structural elements of the costume. So, from the above example, we took patterns from the digitally printed head, scaled them up to wearer size, and then the CNC router cuts flat infrastructural materials to scale.


The machine is great for when accuracy is important, but really is important when creating multiple costumes - each head will always be the same shape!







We can now sublimation print fabrics which means that for packaging costumes, corporate colourway matching - all of the process is managed in house. The covers of the Herbalife packaging costumes shown above were all printed in house from client supplied artwork... as was the branding for this costume!