We design and create great mascot costumes!



We're one of, if not THE largest creator of mascot costumes in the UK!


We've been working hard to ensure that our creations meet the expectations of our clients and we have a team of skilled creatives that we believe are second to none in the United Kingdom.


We work with clients across all business sectors, and we've made lots of different mascot costumes - so we're never surprised by requests for specific types of costume.


We've analysed our industry closely and we conciously avoid providing mass produced 'saggy' costumes and specialise in bespoke creations. We also create everything in-house from the best materials we can source and our costume heads are not made of thick absorbent foam (hot and smelly!) or polystyrene - which some of our competitors - especially those who outsource overseas - use as standard.


Mascot costumes are a big investment and we don't underestimate the financial commitment they represent. So we work with you to make sure your mascot costume is just as you want it.




In many aspects of our business we try to be good...


If you share our desire to be kind to the planet, then think carefully about your choice of supplier: a "green" policy is not only an indicator of an ethical stance, but a fair approach to their business relationships in general - including treating staff with respect.


We have helped many charities over the years and whilst we cannot  always provide free product, we certainly try and help good causes. We also work in the Education sector providing an insight into the world of design for kids who wouldn't necessarily have that opportunity.


Our Aspirations:


Avoidance of printed materials - paperless office, no printed brochures are produced and all of our invoicing is electronic


We estimate that around 90% of our manufacturing waste materials are either recycled back into production or donated to local schools or scrap projects


Wherever possible materials are sourced from local suppliers and companies with ethical manufacturing policies


We try to avoid the use of glues and solvents containing V.O.C's (Volatile Organic Compounds)


We are a small company and manage our use of energy resources carefully


We strongly support charities and subsidise Local Authority orders and donate costumes regularly.


The copious amounts of coffee and tea we drink are Fair Trade




We have created an App which provides more information about us, our costumes and a gallery of images and video. It also has a fun application - great for kids - to allow them to design their mascot!


Most importantly it has our Wear and Care instructions on the App - so you can have them with you wherever you and your mascot go. It's free... head over there now and download it!



We have an active and organically recruited following on Facebook. Our work colleagues, friends and clients follow the posts about our new projects, the lastest publicity, and what we get up to. It's a great place to have a look at us in a less formal light - so why not head over to Facebook now and see what we've been up to most recently.




We also have a presence on twitter.




You can learn more about us on Linkedin too.



As the company continues to grow, we are always happy to hear from prospective employees with relevant skills and experience.


Ideally we are looking for staff who are looking for a new challenge - to work in a refreshing and liberating environment in a business that's growing fast.


If you are a prop maker, a cutter, a machinist or a marketing professional, then please email us with your details and we can arrange a time to talk.


All applications for employment are dealt with confidentially.




Frenzy Creative started to create costumes in 2004. The key to our development and the most important element of our business is our people.


We are fortunate enough to work with some of the most creative and experienced 'makers' in the industry. They tirelessly strive for creative perfection and work so hard to meet deadlines! Here we present some of our team:


The team is comprised of creative professionals with a variety of skills and years of experience.


Simon Roberts - Creative Director


is a Fine Arts Graduate and worked as a Theatre Designer for many years. The creative force behind Frenzy, Simon has worked within various organisations in a creative costume environment.



Rob Ferrie - Director


is a marketing professional with years of experience Agency and client side with organisations such as Next plc and News International; Rob formed Frenzy Creative with Simon in 2004 whilst still being a Director of a small marketing organisation.




Rennie McFarlane - Senior Manager


has experience of working 'Agency Side' with a variety of blue chip clients. Rennie now co-ordinates all of Frenzy's client project activity and works closely with the Directors to ensure that our clients not only receive a great product, but also good service.




Loren - Creative


Loren is one of the most experienced makers of mascot costumes in the United Kingdom. She has been working in the industry for over 25 years and has been integral to the establishment of the business.




Liz - Creative & 3D Graphics


Liz is one of the most dedicated and meticulous creatives. She has been heavily involved in the evolution of Frenzy's 3D graphic offering and was Frenzy's first full-time employee.




Rob - Creative & 3D Modelling


joined Frenzy in 2010 and is a Sculptor. With Rob, we have developed traditional methods of design replication and refined these with state of the art 3D printing technology



Yas - Pattern Maker


Yas' energy and exuberance prevails not only in her temperament but also in the work she does for Frenzy. She is tireless in all respects and commits herself to each project until it's absolutely 100% right.




Caroline - Creative


Caroline was an early member of the team and is now one of our most established and accomplished prop makers. Caroline is a true team player and her sense of humour is almost second to none!




Jackie - Sewing Team


Jackie brings years of machining experience to Frenzy and is valued for her commitment (especially during snowy weather) and dedication to the 'Frenzy  cause'.





Barbara - Sewing Team


Barbara is the most experienced of the sewing team and brings years of invaluable experience to the business. She is also a key point of guidance and support for the other team members




Yanny - Creative


Yanny is a detailed creative who works within the props team. She is tenacious with all projects she encounters and is a key supplier of snacks to the business





Matt - Logistics


Matthew is responsible for creative work (assisting in the assembly of mascot costume heads), liaising with all shipping companies and for our refurbishment operation.




Rebecca - Creative


Rebecca joined Frenzy in 2012 and has become one of the key members of our Creative team.






Kellie - Creative


Kellie is an experienced costumier and brings a wealth of experience to the sewing and cutting team.