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What better way to explain how things work than by providing examples of work we have done with previous clients. Our mascot costumes on this page are all actively working hard in the public domain!


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Hamleys of London Hamley and Hattie Mascot Costumes


ITV Text Santa 'Rudy' Mascot Costume


ASDA Walmart 'Chosen by Kids' brand mascot costumes


Holland and Barrett Store Opening Mascot Costumes


Headstart Isotonic Drink London Marathon Mascot Costume


Central Office of Information Stop Smoking Mascot


Procter and Gamble Duracell Bunny




Hamleys of London is renowned as the finest toy store in the world. That's why when we were asked to re-design Hamley and Hattie in 3D and to produce a number of costumes for their worldwide global franchise operation we were so excited.


We worked with Hamleys to understand the requirement of their performers and created a 3D visual of how their bear might look. Of course, we couldn't do this for Hamley alone so worked on Hattie too!




and so Hamley Bear was re-born:





It's always great to work with well known Charities - the challenge is bringing iconic characters to life as mascot costumes with style! When we were contacted by ITV Text Santa, this really was a challenge for us!  We set about creating the 3D visual of the costume to show how it might look and it won the client over immediately.



Once the client confirmed that they were happy with the visuals, our talented team got to work to create 'Rudy' to an incredibly tight deadline - and here's the finished result:




and here is the costume doing lots of great PR work for the charity:







A really exiting opportunity arose when asked by ASDA to bring their 'Chosen by Kids' brand characters to life. We were supplied with some artwork and asked to make some eye-catching and durable costumes for the brand launch! Here's the artwork that we received:



as the artwork provided was great, we provided proportional visuals to show how they could be adapted to suit the wearer:




after one meeting with the client, production began and here are the incredible results:







Holland and Barrett's "Mr Holland and Mr Barrett" are working hard all over the country. The promotional costumes were originally produced to support a television advertising campaign. Frenzy Creative characterised the actors (see right image) and brought them to life in costume form! See how the duo bring the initiative to life outside their store.


 "The promotional mascots we have work really well for new stores and sponsorship events!"


The key part of the mascot costume process for a lot of clients is the assurance of having a high quality visual representation of how the costume will look. It means that expectations are set between us and our clients and there are no surprises when the costume is ready and despatched.


For more information about how we can bring your promotional characters to life as promotional costumes, just get in touch!






Headstart approached us to manufacture costumes for the London Marathon. Headstart is an isotonic drink and the team we worked with are based in Austria. The entire project was managed remotely.


Created from digitally printed microfine gauze to allow all round visibility and essential ventilation for marathon running.


We've created several costumes for athletics and you can see more about that in FrenzyTV Channel 4!


Of course, costumes of this nature aren't just ideal for running, we've made several product mascots and packaging mascots, a selection of which you can find in our gallery.


Let Frenzy Creative be your first choice for promotional costumes, which with the aid of digital print, ensure brand integrity and the ability to grab attention!




"The costumes have just arrived. Thanks. They look fantastic! I'm sure our guys who are wearing them will enjoy the run!"




Central Office of Information (COI)



The COI is the Government's centre of excellence for marketing and communications. We've had the pleasure of working with these guys on more than one occassion now - brining together characters for key initiatives including Smoking Cessation and FSA reform.


We made two Percy Penguin costumes which are being used to promote the national Smoke Free initiative.


The costume was designed by us and these durable costumes travel the country and weather all environments! The image below is of our artwork and costume with his audience.









We were approached on behalf of Procter and Gamble to investigate creating a team of Duracell Bunny costumes to promote their way around Europe.


To comply with P&G's rigorous ethical & safety requirements, the component parts of the promotional costume were sent for testing to ensure compliance. The materials and recommendations resulting from this process are now used throughout our costumes.


Trust Frenzy to be your first choice for one or more promotional costumes made from high quality materials!