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Bespoke mascot costumes start at £899.00 + shipping + VAT


We have two main price bands:




Most of our costumes we create exclusively for clients are in this category. Designed by you or by us, bring your character to life exclusively.




£899.00 - £1099.00 + shipping + VAT





When you're looking for a level of detail that makes your costume truly outstanding it takes time for us to get there... but we can provide an amazing solution for the same price some people charge as standard!




from £1200.00 + shipping + VAT



Scope of the design service


We create 3D visuals for clients who order from us:



This means we can provide front, back, side, top, bottom view - you name it, it's all possible!


Our in-house design service can work in a couple of ways:


1. A visual to show you how your character might look


This service is 'part of the deal'. It is an interpretation of your character and isn't a replication of the finished product per se. It's about showing you shape, proportion, silhouette, colours and branding. The resulting visual is not available for you to use commercially and if you are looking for a character design service that will be used for a mascot and other media then the next section explores this service further.


2. Character Development


We have the ability to spend much more time developing a character for you that will be made into your mascot, but also may be the face of your organisation or group. This is a much more time consuming process. and because of this, this is a separate offering from us and is charged additionally. You will be able to use this character on all media and a price is also offered 'per pose' so you can have your character performing various activities.


The lead time for character development artwork might be longer than option 1.



Making a costume in itself doesn't take weeks! It's the demand for our services that dictates our lead times.


Typically, the lead time to delivery is 4-6 weeks.


Artwork will be with you in good time to discuss with us before production starts.


Depending on the type of costume you order and the time of year, sometimes our lead times can be as low as 2 weeks.


We encourage clients to start talking to us as soon as they are thinking about their costume - we understand that sometimes plans don't always work out, but it means that if they do, you won't be disappointed by us being unable to supply the mascot costume in time.

Supplier Choice


We've been listening carefully to our clients and what they say to try and develop a service that is as risk free as we can make it! Some clients of ours have shopped with cheaper suppliers and more expensive suppliers and their feedback has been key to our current market position.


Depending on who you receive a quote from, we'll either be very expensive, very cheap or just about in the middle! What we know is that for the price, our quality is fantastic!


When you receive a quotation, be sure that the company can:


- provide visual reassurance of the costume they'll create

- they make the costumes in-house and in the UK.

- include all costume parts in the quoted price


Some companies charge in excess of £1600.00 - £3500 for a mascot costume. We have clients who have experienced paying this price and now buy only from us!


Lastly, costumes can be an enormous investment for some businesses so be sure that you pay for a solution that lasts from a company that can help prolong the life of your mascot with an ongoing relationship... with us!

Ongoing support and after care service


We provide a service that means you don't have to worry about a thing! These are just some of the ways we do this:



Clients are provided with an estimated delivery date and 24 hour shipping is offered for most costumes. As costumes are lightweight but large, the shipping prices are calculated on volume. All costumes are trackable and shipping and packaging is charged at cost. If your deadline changes, or you want a choice of service, depending on size of costume and location we can offer the following delivery options: by 9am, by 10am, by 1pm, and Saturday delivery.



We offer a 'no-quibble' on receipt guarantee. Any problem, let us know, we'll put it right. Within the first year of ownership we continue to offer support on a clear and fair basis - details available on request.



If you want anything else for your costume e.g. seasonal clothing or replacement parts, we will be only too happy to provide you with a competitive price. If you want to order additional items when ordering your costume, we'll be able to provide a much better price. Further information about our accessories on the next 'tab' on this page.



We provide ongoing support to our clients to ensure the longevity of their costume. We offer a full service for costume refurbishment including pick up and return! For just £85.00 (+ shipping and VAT) we will carefully clean the costume and make repairs to make sure that it looks just fine for the next outing! In some circumstances we can offer a collect and return service. Ask for details.


Our clients often offer to talk to prospective customers - if you want to talk to one of them, let us know!


Wear and Care


It is recommended that you look after your costume as carefully as possible. Like any garment, if it is looked after and maintained well, it will last for a very long time.


To make it even easier for you to look after your mascot costume or character costume, we've put our care instructions online so no matter where you are you'll always have access to them. To download or view your copy of the care instructions for your mascot costume, click here.


Have a good read of the instructions and if you find that it doesn't answer your specific need, then just give us a call or send us an email - we're always happy to help and advise!




Frenzy now offer a range of accessories for existing and new clients. You can even transform your mascot by exploring seasonal outfits! Email or phone for further details.


INTEGRAL COOLING FANS with battery packs from £79.00 fitted + VAT (rechargeable available at extra cost). In some circumstances we can offer a collect and return service. Ask for details.


COOL "STRAP" VESTS made bespoke for you from £25.00 each or two for £47.50 + VAT - click here to see one!


EXTRA SHOES buy these when you order or years later - your choice - from £99.00 + delivery + VAT (depending on complexity)


To discuss your specific requirement, just call or email us!