risk free mascot costumes!



We've become renowned for providing clients great quality visuals to 'sign off' prior to the commencement of production. We're also able to provide even more reassurance to clients who really need to know that we're going to produce their character exactly as they need it.


The steps below show how we typically like to show clients how their costume will look. We'll ask you to provide as much information as possible about your requirement and your participation in the brief is key to a great start to a project.



If you already have a design, we have the ability to accept both 2D and 3D artwork to provide you with an indication of any changes that may be required to create a proportionally wearable costume.



If you don't have an illustration, we'll provide you with one to show you how your character might look.



We can refine this together, send you fabric samples and when you're happy, we'll start to create the character for you.


We've been paying attention to the needs of our clients and are happy to provide that extra reassurance to ensure we meet your expectations of us, whether the mascot costume is designed by us or created from a supplied design. So we're happy to offer the addition of a further three steps to make your life easy for when replication of a design is of paramount importance.


In fact, you can be confident that the first costume we produce for you will be the same as the one hundred and first!


Take a look at our Case Studies and see the ways in which we've helped clients bring their character to life. When it's important to get it just right we can use a clay maquette to sculpt the head of your costume. We then produce patterns which are scaled up to costume size and using the latest technology, we use our CNC router to cut the shapes required! Make sure you check out our 3D Design Page, click here!